What is this blog even about?

I ask myself that question every day.

Just kidding.

But for real, when I decided to start a hopefully-someday-successful blog I read lots of other successful blogs dedicated to helping newbies [me] navigate the blogosphere.

They all said one thing: find your niche. And then make sure to write quality content that will really resonate with your audience. And then I was officially lost. What is my niche? I feel like, as a person, I’m kinda all over the place, so finding one place I feel like I belong has never been easy.

I needed to find something I was so passionate about that I could literally write about it every day for the rest of forever.

And then it hit me. MY FAMILY. Like, obviously my blog is about my family. I’m so darn passionate about them that my entire life revolves around them. I mean, I rarely even go to the bathroom or eat a snack or sneeze without a child right. there. soooo I think I could probably manage to talk about them every day. “Easy peasy” as my toddler would say.

But there’s something else I’m passionate about too– your family. When I entered college all ready to change the world I didn’t expect that the take-home message would be “if you want to change the world, change your home”. [full disclosure: I studied family studies + human development, so it kinda makes sense. My husband’s take-home message is probably something like “retina…cornea…science-word-I-can’t-pronounce” you know.]

And I loved that. I love that the way to change the world is by changing ourselves and focusing on our families. I truly believe, with my whole heart, that family is the most important part of our society. I want my family to be strong. I want your family to be so so happy. So I’m taking this chance to use my hard-earned degree and really try to change the world by focusing on family.

So this whole blog is going to be about my journey + how I’m strengthening my family but it will also be directed at strengthening families in general. Guys, it’s seriously so easy. I want every post to make someone [even if it’s just me] feel good, and feel like they can totally do this. I want to help myself refocus and keep perspective and hopefully share things that will help you to appreciate your spouse, spend time with your children, believe in yourself…because this is literally what will change the world. 

So if you want another mom friend, you’d like to hear my stories + and the most important thing in your life is family please stick around. I know I’ll learn so much more from you than you could ever learn from me.

ps. I hope you enjoyed the cute pic of me in a graduation gown. That is literally how I feel right now knowing that I will get to share everything that I learned and am so passionate about!