Taking the Leap

You won’t believe how many times I’ve written and rewritten this post. How do you describe the feeling of finally doing something you’ve wanted to do for so long but something that is seriously so terrifying.

This blog is me taking a leap. This blog is me being honest and being real. This blog is my life, my story.

I started talking to my husband about starting a blog a year ago. It literally took me an entire y e a r to get the courage to do this. And this one thought kept coming to my mind over and over again — why would you want to start a blog? You literally have nothing to write about.

And it was this thought that stopped me every.single.time. Because, for the longest time, I believed it. I don’t have a ton of money (apparently Optometry students don’t get paid. Who knew.), I don’t go on any noteworthy adventures, my momiform is old news, my makeup is basic on the best day. There’s this feeling that if my life isn’t perfect and perfectly exciting then it’s just blah. If I don’t have a cute $200 dress (and an adorable little figure) and a recent trip to Europe to blog about, then what do I really have?

Actually, I have e v e r y t h i n g. This is the poorest + busiest + downright most insane part of my life, but I am so darn blessed. I have a sweet husband who has worked so hard for our family. Having the opportunity to watch him work for his dreams feels like all of mine coming true. I have two healthy and, dare I say, absolutely adorable and perfect children. I stay home every day and raise humans and that is an adventure.

So maybe it’s not the most unique story you’ll ever hear — but is there anything wrong with just having a great life and being happy? I truly don’t want anything more than this right here. And I think it’s a story worth sharing because I’m betting your life is exactly the same (just hopefully minus a couple hundred k in student loans). I think there are a lot of us raising babies and making budgets and being completely imperfect, so if this sounds like you please stick around. Let’s be friends. Let’s find the good and the happy in all the days.

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