About Kristal

Hey guys, thanks so much for checking out my blog!

Living the dream in SoCal!

I’m happily married to the cutest Optometry student in the world. I love going through school together (he does the hard work– I do the moral support. Great team.) But seriously, he’s the best. Stay tuned for #TheDoctorsWife in 4 years!

I’m in love with being a mama to my sweet little lady and my little sir. Raising them is by far my biggest accomplishment and I am not even a little shy about the fact that I truly believe they’re the cutest, smartest, sweetest children ever.

I am a wedding + portrait photographer. And it’s obviously the best job ever. Seriously. If you need pictures, I’m your girl. I can’t think of anything more dreamy than doing pics for someone who reads my blog.

I love sweets but also love pretending to myself that I’m into healthy eating (if it says organic it’s healthy, right? Does this even count for ice cream?) I always planned on being a doctor, but I think I’m happier as a future-doctor’s wife who also binges Grey’sAnatomy. I talk a l o t but you probably already know that. I never wanna do cardio…or anything. Ever. I love traveling (but it was a lot more fun as kidwhen my dad funded the vacays). I love people and my whole goal in life is to always be the kindest person I can be. I truly want to be a friend to everyone.

This blog is an opportunity for me to write (which is something I’ve always loved!) it’s a place for my everyday life, all the amazing things that will happen to my little family this next four years, all things mom + baby, and just pretty much whatever. I’mpretty relaxed so that’s kinda the atmosphere around here — anything goes.